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Rain Boots

Rain Boots

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Introducing our adorable barefoot rain boots that feature a wide toe box and a flexible, anti-slip sole that is 10mm thick and fairly flexible. Perfect for adding cheer to a rainy day, these lightweight boots are designed for comfort, durability and come with an improved traction sole. Our rain boots are carefully crafted to fit well and keep your little one's feet dry, ensuring a happy and splash-filled day!

Lightweight at only 14.7 oz (size 9)


NOTE: The measurements correspond to the foot length. eg. size 9 will fit a child with foot length of 15 cm. 

Shipping & Returns

FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURN within 30 days of purchase ( * condition= unused)

Care Instructions

Machine washing is NOT RECOMMENDED. Clean by hand using lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and dry in the sun.

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Customer Reviews

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Lodoe Dharab
Perfect barefoot rain boots !

My kids loved these barefoot rain boots. They are very comfortable , cute, light weight, wide toe box, flexible, playful designed, beautiful color options, waterproof, no rubbery odor, not slippery, easy to put on, long or short my son said “this rain boot is perfect for stomping into muddy puddles outside” Indeed both my son n daughter played so well outside with this barefoot rain boot while drizzling outside…. 🥰 I wanna buy more !

Please use the above guide to measure your child's feet

REFER TO THE SIZE CHART in product images

minimalist shoe flexible sole color blue for kid age 3-5


The perfect barefoot shoe should let your feet move naturally. If it's flexible and can be easily twisted, bent, and rolled up, it'll let your feet move like they would if you were barefoot, which helps keep your body mechanics natural and helps your feet get stronger and healthier.

  • ZERO DROP meaning no raised heel and equal distance throughout the thickness of the shoe sole.

    Zero drop explained

    Zero-drop shoes allow for natural foot movement. It aligns the heel and toes, allowing for natural foot movement as if you were barefoot.

    Raised heel affects your center of gravity and posture, leading to unneccessary strain on joints and muscles.

  • While conventional shoes have narrower fronts that sometimes squash our toes together into an unnatural shape, barefoot shoes feature wide front spaces enough for your toes to move naturally.

    Thus, they preserve your foot's anatomy and allow your feet to stay in good shape.Thus, they preserve your foot's anatomy and allow your feet to stay in good shape.