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Minimalist/Barefoot wide toe box shoes for toddlers age 3-5

Minimalist/Barefoot wide toe box shoes for toddlers age 3-5

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Minimalist wide toe box shoes for kids/toddlers age 3-5. US size 8 to 12, available in pink and blue color. 100% cotton top material and recyclable tpr bottom. Flexible and flat sole with no heel and arch support to help preserve natural foot anatomy of your toddlers. Perfect for all season and daily use. 

Versatile design and shape that is 'ONE SHAPE FITS ALL' foot shapes including slope, mountain, plateau and square. 


Cotton upper

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Care Instructions

Machine washing is NOT RECOMMENDED. Clean by hand using lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and dry in the sun.

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Customer Reviews

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tchaiko omawale
Perfect lil blue shoe

I was so excited when I discovered this cost effective and cute blue and pink shoe for my little one. He has the most beautiful wide thick feet that I want to protect at all costs. having a shoe that is affordable and a company that cares about sustainability by encouraging buyers to recycle shoes/donate is the best. Oh and my baby squealed when he is put them on.

Katie Lee
“They feel good.”

My 4 year old says, “The shoes are great. The shoes are healthy. They’re so pretty. You can run with them - anything like that! They feel good.”
And she can put them on by herself quickly.

Dekyi Yangchen
Absolutely love them

My daughter has wide feet and it's a perfect fit for her . It's roomy and stylish .

Own a pair!

After trying many different barefoot shoes, I find Foot Buddy to be the right choice for my 5 year old son. He not only love the sky blue, he jumps freely and happily in parks and playgrounds with it. His feet has been more relaxed; truly healthy feet, happy kid! Loved it, a must buy.

Kendrick Williams
Must have kids shoes

I generally don’t leave reviews but this shoe deserves one. This is my second pair for my 3 year old daughter!!! Absolutely love the shoes, it’s easy to wear, comfortable, and most importantly breathable for my baby’s growing feet. We got both the colors “baby pink” and “Sky blue”. They are very easy to clean and the material is soft and gentle on the skin. I would absolutely recommend this shoe to any parents as they are designed to help your kids have a healthy feet.

P.S: The company also partners with Soles4Souls to help turn unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity by keeping them from going to waste. This concept is what we need as it helps both the consumers and the environment. Shop small businesses!!!
Thank you “Thefootbuddy” !!!!

Please use the above guide to measure your child's feet

minimalist shoe flexible sole color blue for kid age 3-5


The perfect barefoot shoe should let your feet move naturally. If it's flexible and can be easily twisted, bent, and rolled up, it'll let your feet move like they would if you were barefoot, which helps keep your body mechanics natural and helps your feet get stronger and healthier.

  • ZERO DROP meaning no raised heel and equal distance throughout the thickness of the shoe sole.

    Zero drop explained

    Zero-drop shoes allow for natural foot movement. It aligns the heel and toes, allowing for natural foot movement as if you were barefoot.

    Raised heel affects your center of gravity and posture, leading to unneccessary strain on joints and muscles.

  • While conventional shoes have narrower fronts that sometimes squash our toes together into an unnatural shape, barefoot shoes feature wide front spaces enough for your toes to move naturally.

    Thus, they preserve your foot's anatomy and allow your feet to stay in good shape.Thus, they preserve your foot's anatomy and allow your feet to stay in good shape.