What is toe-spacers?

Toe-spacers, such as the Foot Buddy toe-spacers, are created to aid in the stretching, realignment, and rehabilitation of the toes which may have been negatively impacted by standard footwear. They are constructed from soft and flexible silicone materials. While initial use may not be entirely comfortable, similar to adjusting to barefoot shoes, consistent and gradual use will assist in restoring the natural alignment of the toes.

The toe-spacers can be thought of as similar to braces for the teeth, in that they are used to realign and rehabilitate the toes.

How to use? 

To use the toe-spacers, place the large loop around the big toe and the small loop around the little toe. The rounded side of the spacer should be facing away from the body. To put them on, begin with the big toe and progress towards the little toe.


What should I expect?

It is recommended to use the toe-spacers either under socks or barefoot around the house. The toe-spacers will provide a good stretch for your toes, and this stretching sensation may be intense in the beginning. However, with regular use and mindful footwear choices, you should begin to see a significant improvement in the appearance, movement, and overall comfort of your toes. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at



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