What are barefoot shoes – are they worth it?

What are barefoot shoes – are they worth it?

What are barefoot shoes – are they worth it?

Are you considering getting barefoot shoes for yourself or your loved ones and wondering if they are worth the hype? We have you covered. This blog post will break down the meaning of barefoot shoes, explain how they differ from traditional footwear, and discuss some benefits of wearing them.


What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes, sometimes called minimalist shoes, are footwear designed to allow your feet to move, function, and grow naturally. Unlike conventional shoes, they let you feel the ground and allow your feet to move as if you have nothing on them. Although barefoot shoes come with thin soles, they offer your foot and skin enough protection from sharp objects on the road, such as metals, rocks, or broken glass.


What are the features of barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes have some unique characteristics that differentiate them from conventional footwear. Below are some of the key features that make a great barefoot shoe:


Zero drop

Zero heel-to-toe drops are a must-have for barefoot shoes. Just like your feet, the shoe must be flat against the ground. In other words, the heels must not be elevated.


Thin soles

Unlike traditional footwear with thick soles, barefoot shoes have very thin soles that allow your feet to feel the ground.


Wide toe box

While conventional shoes have narrower fronts that sometimes squash our toes together into an unnatural shape, barefoot shoes feature wide front spaces enough for your toes to move naturally.


Flexible and lightweight

Barefoot shoes are made from the minimum material possible, so they are always lightweight and flexible.  

Flexibility allows natural movement of the foot without restricting them. 


Zero support

Barefoot shoes leave out the cushioning and support available in traditional footwear to allow your foot to support itself and build some strength.


What are the benefits of barefoot shoes?

Not sure whether barefoot shoes are right for you? Here are some reasons you should consider adding barefoot shoes to your closet today.


1. Strengthens your feet

The cushion and support in traditional shoes make the muscles in your feet and lower leg work less, making them weak over time. On the flip side, the thin soles of barefoot shoes allow your feet to feel the ground and support themselves, thereby strengthening your feet and lower leg muscles.


2. Provides more comfort

One of the main aims of barefoot shoes is to give you a comfortable, shoeless feeling. Minimalist shoes don't have elements like thick soles, narrow toe box, and hard heels that makes other footwear uncomfortable.


3. Improves your posture and gait

Elevated heels, cushions, and thick soles in most shoes affect our posture and how we walk. They alter our natural way of walking, making us more prone to injury. For instance, elevated heels make us lean back while standing or walking to compensate for the height difference. However, barefoot shoes eliminate all these elements and bring us back to the basics.


4. Preserves your foot's anatomy

Unlike regular shoes that squeeze your feet, barefoot shoes have enough space to allow your toes, nerves, muscles, and bones to function naturally. Thus, they preserve your foot's anatomy and allow your feet to stay in good shape.


Bottom Line

Barefoot shoes are must-have additions if you love to take care of your feet. Wearing them has several benefits, including more comfort, improved gait, injury prevention, and more.


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