Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes?

What are Barefoot/ Minimalist shoes?

Anatomically Designed:
Barefoot design allows maximum comfort with minimum materials. The minimalist aesthetic features a wide-toe box, thin bottom sole with a high degree of flexibility, zero drop and lightweight. 

Wide toe box: allows your toddler's tiny little toes preserve their natural foot anatomy. 

Flexibility: Barefoot shoes are more flexible that can mimic the movement of the feet. The sole is generally thin that allows more flexibility. 

Zero drop: most shoes in the market have densely padded soles and raised heels. The cushioning often raises the heel above the toes altering the center of gravity. Barefoot shoes have flat sole and maintain natural center of gravity.

Lightweight: Barefoot shoes use less material overall making the shoe lighter than their regular counterparts. 

Foot Buddy’s collection has holistic features that adapt to the active lifestyle. They’ll enjoy more comfortable shoes that have substantial durability. Walk, run, climb, and play without compromising their little feet!

Look and Feel Great

Not only do Foot Buddy shoes feel good, but they also look fantastic. Stride around the home or outside with footwear that translates seamlessly to any occasion.